vince_corporate_medVince has entertained at many company and corporate events.  Here’s what a few had to say.  *List of companies available on request.


“There couldn’t have been a Loco Slam without you”.
– HBO There Goes the Neighborhood Prods

“His material was very funny and the show turned out great”.
– USA Network’s “Up All Night”

“His show was expertly pulled off.  The character he created was and international bakery representative who turns funny observations of our operations into a funny and hilarious full standup comedy routine”.
–  Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls, Inc.

“We were impressed with Vince’s professionalism.  He took the time to find out ab0ut the participants from around the country and geared his act accordingly.  His career will continue to grow because of his great talent”.
– Sprint United Telephone

“Everyone needs a break now and then.  He sure made it easy for our 600 employees to sit back and enjoy the program.  He made our holiday party a success”.
– TCI Cable

“Vince had rave reviews, comments like ‘The comedian made the whole night for me’ and ‘Where did you get that guy, he was hilarious’.  It was a great show”.
– Clearwater Casino

“There are a number of his lines and jokes that will keep me laughing for a long time.  A comedian who can run the politically correct obstacle course with the best of them”.
– Seattle Yacht Club

“We were extremely amused and the only complaint was from people’s jaws aching from laughing so hard”.
– Snohomish County Physicians Association

“His style of humor was just racy enough to get everyone going without being offensive.  A very difficult thing to accomplish when you’re playing to such a varied group of professionals”.
– American Capital Development

“Vince performed at our Christmas Party and we loved him! !  He tailored his show to fit the occasion and the audience and was hilariously funny!   He even dared to toss in a few “cop” jokes!   Vince’s humor will have you falling off your chair laughing because it’s so true!   Thank you Vince for making our party a huge hit!”
– Bellingham Police Association

“We are extremely fortunate that he was able to perform at our recent employee service recognition banquet. Our awards banquet was a huge success and Mr. Valenzuela deserves a significant amount of credit.  You can’t miss with Vince!  Let me tell you why.  Several things impressed me about Vince.  First of all, he took the time to learn about our organization and our industry.  With his knowledge of Foss, he customized his material which made the evening more meaningful for our employees.  Equally impressive was the fact that he arrived early to the event in order to observe the crowd.  It was obvious that he picked up material from his observations and worked new material into his act as he went along.  Foss’ employee base is exceptionally diverse, so it was particularly important that we select an entertainer that would please a large group with varying tastes and backgrounds.  He truly was a hit with everybody.  Not only is Vince tremendously funny, he is a very personable individual.  He was a pleasure to work with and our employees enjoyed meeting him after his routine”.
– Foss Maritime, Inc.

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