“What’s with that Valenzuela kid”??

Labeled, “The Last of the Mohicans”, Vince was the youngest born into the clashing cultures of a Mexican-American father and an English/German chain-smoking mother. Vince grew up in the “barrio burbs” of North Seattle. Life was fun being the youngest punching bag of five kids, all living on a teacher’s salary. If that’s not enough, add the intensely grey and very depressing, rain-filled skies of Seattle, you’re the only kid with a Mexican name for hundreds of miles, and nobody in your family will listen to you?  That all would change. After playing baseball his first 2 years of college, Vince transferred to Central Washington University to get his degree in business.  He saw an ad on campus for a talent show and decided to do stand up.  The rules were; “6 minutes, no profanity”.  With 300 people in attendance, Mr. Vince broke both rules and was “disqualified”, but fell in love with stand up. 2 years later, he moved back to Seattle and embarked on a career in entertainment…..soon people paid to hear him and as they say, “the rest is history”.  Vince is currently ranked as “The 232nd Most Interesting Man In The World”.

Clip 1-Suicide Traffic Report

Clip 2- Antidepressants

Clip 3- Smokers

Clip 4 – Latino Sensation

Clip 5 – Feeding Squirrels

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