“When I started in show biz, many said to me, “Dying is easy, comedy is hard”.  I soon found out, “dying in an audition is worse than both”!! – V2

“I’ve always had a great respect for the acting.  Many comedians don’t take the art form seriously.  I’ve been fortunate to work with some great teachers who’ve taught me so much about the craft of acting. Their gifts are with me every day that I’ve worked in Film, TV, and Commercials”.

Clip 1

NBC’s “GRIMM” Season 2 – Mr. Sandman Episode 15. Vince co-stars as grief counselor, Joe Silva, who’s attendee is murdered by another member of the group.  Nick and Hank pay him a visit.

Clip 2

TNT’s “Leverage” Season 2- “The Iceman Job” Episode 8. V2 portrays Boston Cop Joey Cospito who’s moonlighting as a security guard.  Joey gets hijacked in a diamond heist and takes 2 bullets in the shoulder.  He hires Nate and the rest of the team to clear his name.

Clip 3

“Judas Kiss”-This Indie film won numerous awards at a variety of Film Festivals.  Vince portrays Daniel Reyes Sr.  An abusive father who will do anything to get his son from screening a movie that will show their dark family secret.

Clip 4

“America’s Most Wanted” – This time Vince portrays real life bad guy. Mexican immigrant Benicio Beltran-Trejo is in an abusive relationship. After being arrested and deported, he returns to attack this girlfriend.  Anyone see a pattern of bad boys here????

Clip 5

Here’s a few commercial and industrial projects. It’s true….Vince know JACK

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