Voice Over

“The Dude has range!  Vince has a long and varied voiceover resume  in TV, Radio, company web sites, and videogames. Whether it’s providing online tutorials for Microsoft, American Express, or a Moronic Husband, a Devil’s Attorney, an Elf, a Vegetable, or a Zombie Killing Biker, it’s done in a unique and memorable way”.

Commercial Reel 1

Jaguar, Verizon, Beck’s Dark, NFL, CDC, Amazon Prime

Commercial Reel 2

Darigold, AT&T, Wildcat Football, NordicTrack, HomeStreet Bank, BMW

Gaming Reel

Animation Reel

Narration Reel

Medical Reel

Left 4 Dead

The innovative video game “LEFT 4 DEAD” was not only voted “Video Game of The Year”, but was the winner of over 40 Industry awards and revolutionized the industry’s multi-player format. Set in the immediate aftermath of the zombie apocalypse, Vince portrayed one of the  survivors “Francis, The Indestructible Biker”, who helps his 3 fellow survivors fight off swarms of zombies as they travel across the rooftops of an abandoned metropolis, ghost towns and black forests. Francis is LOUD and the ass-kicking “protector”. His cockiness, sarcasm, and  inVINCEability helps them survive. He hates everything, but one thing  for sure is, “he doesn’t hate vests”!!!!. Enjoy the official trailer!

Maxx McMann, “The Devil’s Attorney”

Vince voice and brings to life an materialistic 80’s defense attorney  Maxx McMann who represents small time con artists. In court, Maxx will  do and say anything to defeat a myriad of prosecuting attorneys. All in  the name of greed, money, fashion, success and fame…until he meets the  girl who challenges him like no other! Here are the official trailers!

Joe Arizona

Here’s a character “Joe Arizona” Vince voiced for the Arizona Wildcats Football Team. One of his favorite characters ever!!

California State Fair

Here’s an announcer spot I did for the California State Fair.