Stand-up Comedy

“What’s with that Valenzuela kid”??

Labeled, “The Last of the Mohicans”, Vince was the youngest born into the clashing cultures of a Mexican-American father and an English/German chain-smoking mother. Vince grew up in the “barrio burbs” of North Seattle. Life was fun being the youngest punching bag of five kids, all living on a teacher’s salary. If that’s not enough, add the intensely grey and very depressing, rain-filled skies of Seattle, you’re the only kid with a Mexican name for hundreds of miles, and nobody in your family will listen to you?  That all would change. After playing baseball his first 2 years of college, Vince transferred to Central Washington University to get his degree in business. He saw an ad on campus for a talent show and decided to do stand up. The rules were; “6 minutes, no profanity”. With 300 people in attendance, Mr. Vince broke both rules and was “disqualified”, but fell in love with stand up. Two years later, he moved back to Seattle and embarked on a career in entertainment...soon people paid to hear him and as they say, “the rest is history”.  Vince is currently ranked as “The 232nd Most Interesting Man In The World”.

Suicide Traffic Report

Seattle life is hard, especially when suicide reports sound more like an up to the minute traffic report.


Need to take antidepressants to get out of bed?  Just read the warning label to cheer you up.


There is nothing like waking up to breakfast with a smoker in the house.

Latino Sensation

There is nothing like waking up to breakfast with a smoker in the house.

Feeding Squirrels

Acorns are out... espresso beans are in.